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Innovative Construction Showcase at Swayne Road, Cambridge

Discover modern, sustainable living at Swayne Road, Cambridge, where Stellaria and M.A.L Architectural Design proudly present a solid masonry home using premium building materials.

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Nestled in Cambridge's new Hamlet, this residence seamlessly blends elegance and environmental consciousness. The use of breathable, 100% natural building materials, including POROTHERM Clay Blocks and TERCA clay facade bricks, ensures a unique and sustainable living experience.


Conveniently located within a 5-minute drive to the charming township of Cambridge, this two-level home is a testament to timeless and solid modernity. The classic combination of solid clay block walls and exterior clay facade brick, complemented by breathable lime plasters, creates an aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly abode.


Interior Excellence:

Designed by our resident interior designer, Cass of Cassandra Swan Interiors, the interiors reflect a harmonious blend of style and functionality. Cass's expertise, both in-house and through her design studio, ensures a captivating living space that complements the sustainable ethos of the home.


Comfort Redefined:

Experience year-round comfort within walls that are fresh, pure, dry, warm, and cool. The passive protection provided by the solid masonry construction ensures a living space that prioritises the well-being of you and your family. Benefit from near-zero energy efficiency and low maintenance, courtesy of solid masonry walls and triple-glazed joinery.


Sustainability that Lasts: These cluster masonry homes stand as a symbol of permanence and sustainability, designed to endure for generations. Embrace a lifestyle that champions environmental responsibility without compromising on style and comfort.


Open 10am - 2pm Saturdays or Call to book a time to visit our BLOCKBUILD showcase at 83 Swayne Road, Cambridge, to witness firsthand the innovation and craftsmanship that defines this remarkable residence.

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